TIEtools Automatic Maintenance Kit


Throughout 2013, I wrote several plugins to perform automatic maintenance on my sites with syndicated feeds. Three of those are particularly useful:

  • TIEexpire takes care of expiring old posts, so that sites don’t get too big. The latest version includes post status filters, category inclusion/exclusion and email notifications.
  • TIElogremover does the dubious job of removing log files from the server. Not always a sensible move, but essential on fully automated sites unless you really want 2Gb files piling up.
  • TIEdupedeleter checks post titles and removes duplicates, keeping the newest or oldest original copy. It also has post status and category filters.

The logical next step was, therefore, to take these three plugins and put them into a single maintenance kit. Only one plugin to install, one options page, one update. Much better.

TIEtools Automatic Maintenance Kit

You can download or install the plugin from the WordPress Plugin Repository. You can, of course, donate to the development fund:

At this time (v1.2), TIEtools combines the three existing plugins with some bonus functionality:

  1. The options page is completely rebuilt (and prettier).
  2. Each plugin’s functionality can be switched on or off.
  3. TIEtools uses the same names for options as the original plugins, so will automatically import whatever settings you had. (That works the other way around, too, if you decide to switch to one of the others.)
  4. All functions are renamed so TIEtools can coexist with the original plugins (if you really want loads of plugins and their options pages).
  5. (v1.1) Log file name can now be set by the user.
  6. (v1.1) Notifications can be sent for duplicate posts as well as expirations.
  7. (v1.2) Images can be expired inside existing posts, to save server space but retain the article content.

More functionality may be added in the future.

Options Page Screenshot


Bugs and requests

These are all handled through the WordPress Plugin repository and the associated forums.

There are no known bugs at this time.

That said, it might do that weird thing where the scheduled job doesn’t register properly – in which case, just deactivate and reactivate it. No reports of that yet, though.


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