TIEdupedeleter Simple Duplicate Post Deleter

TIEdupedeleter is now a part of the free TIEtools plugin, available from the WordPress repository.

This WordPress plugin deletes duplicate posts from a blog.


As someone who runs several sites with news feeds, I wanted an automated cleanup that would spot simple dupes. I looked at a few available plugins but they didn’t really do everything I wanted. So here’s one that does (mostly).

TIEdupedeleter checks all posts and finds those with duplicate titles. It doesn’t check the post content or do any clever fuzzy logic comparisons or whatever – it just compares titles, keeps one copy and deletes all the others.

The plugin can limit its checks as follows:

  • By post status
  • By categories (inclusion or exclusion)
  • Keep oldest or newest original post

The settings page is simple and includes a “power setting”. This allows you to switch off the functionality without deactivating the plugin – it leaves the wp-cron job running but skips all the functionality.

You can download or install the plugin from the WordPress Plugin Repository. You can, of course, donate to the development fund:

Although this plugin is “maintained”, there’s really nothing that needs maintaining. It’s just a single query that’s built around the selected options. It ain’t rocket science.

The plugin uses the wp-cron scheduler, running at most once per hour. You can change this by editing the plugin file.

If you want to get really psychotic about catching dupes, you could even switch out the scheduling code and replace it with a single action that kicks off whenever a new post is published – provided your server can handle the query load, you’ll have a very clean database:

add_action('publish_post', 'do_TIEdupedeleter');

Bugs and requests

These are all handled through the WordPress Plugin repository and the associated forums.

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