This site exists because I felt like a complete idiot when I decided to switch to a VPS from shared hosting. Even after more than a decade working in IT, I was completely stumped – not just because I’d never touched Linux but because everything was totally alien to me.

Networking, DNS, domains, nameservers, hosts… it was all gibberish and I flailed around uselessly for quite some time, allowing other people to do the work in my stead.

Eventually, pride took over and I decided to learn the basics of how to set up a VPS with a new domain. It took a bit of work, a lot of mistakes and some serious deciphering of badly-written, unclear support materials but I got there in the end.

So now I present to you this site, which will teach you how to set up a VPS server without beating your head against the wall or killing most of your host’s tech support people.

Enjoy – and send me feedback on the articles or stuff you’d like to see!


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