What is a VPS?

A VPS is a Virtual Private Server (or Virtual Dedicated Server). It’s a sort of “halfway house” between cheap shared hosting and an expensive dedicated server.

Setting Up a VPS

When you first learn how to set up a VPS, you’ll probably be confused by all the different accounts, passwords and everything. Put it this way: when you’re setting up a VPS, there are multiple levels. First, there’s the hosting company’s account. Then there’s the WHM (top-level) account. Then there’s...

How to Move a WordPress Blog to Your VPS

The process of setting up a VPS with a WordPress blog is simple enough… but it can get a lot more complicated if you need to move an existing blog off another hosting service. This guide is here to help simplify things. Note: this is a long article. Work through...

How To Easily Filter Admin Account Spam

As part of setting up a domain on your VPS, you will have created an email inbox. Normally, this is an “admin@domain.com” account which you use for all technical and other queries, contact from your hosting company and so on. On cPanel, the setup wizard also includes choosing a “default email...

VPS Info

All the basic information you need to understand about VPS - what it is and how it works.

VPS Setup

Step by step instructions to walk you through the basics of setting up your VPS server.


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